Toothless’s Markings Appreciation Post

Toothless has the most absolutely beautiful, well thought out, amazing markings.  And often, when I point them out, some people say “I never even noticed!”. I want to draw more attention to them because they are so beautiful.  And without them, Toothless would look so flat.  They add such a beautiful catlike pattern.  Like a black panther, Toothless is not truly solid black.  From the bands on his legs to the splotches on his side to the dapples on his wings.  Stripes and bold circles and beautiful patterns.  Toothless is remarkably beautiful.

I particularly like the way the elongated splotches form bands on the “arm” of his wings. And the way his side alternates between thick, almost stripe like spots and small ones, creating a beautiful pattern. 


Twi daily had a great run, but I'm glad you ended it when you wanted to. If you could go back in time to when you just started Twi daily, and give past Karpet advice, what would it be?

never turn anon on, block anyone that mentions twilight’s wings immediately, reconsider giving otter your password

So when are we gonna be able to see those secret blogs you crossed out a while back on those pictures? :3


unless i actually start any of the projects i made the blogs for

so basically never

Do you ever miss twidaily


(and asking this question multiple times isn’t gonna make me start missing it)

oh no it’s that time again

my dash is full of cool artists i follow going to a convention i won’t be at


Willie Wasbeer debuts at GaiaZOO (in the rain!)

We hope to make some post soonish about how we built him.

Men can die if they don't have enough sex.

Then how are you still alive


There’s a sleepy Gus in the kitchen drawer!


There’s a sleepy Gus in the kitchen drawer!

Ferrets can die if they don't have enough sex.

Some if not most pet stores sell ferrets that have already been spayed or neutered